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Composite sliding rotator 50/65 CSR

The 50/65 CSR is the only sliding rotator that offers all the well-known power of NRC sliding rotators in a lighter, more attractive and stronger composite body.

Everybody’s dream machine, a tough and versatile unit for recovery work and extra-heavy towing. Especially designed for the most difficult operations, the NRC Flagship "Incident Manager", with its rotating boom and sliding system, will bring you the best "USABLE BOOM CAPACITY".


  • Composite body
  • Removable underlift
  • The sliding system combined with a rotator system truly allows you to do virtually anything with the load in the safest way
  • Simply slide and rotate to bring the load from one side to the rear or the other side
  • Get maximum strength when the load is in the corner where it is so important in most circumstances
  • Sliding system
  • Double your lifting capacity by working with the boom in its retracted position
  • Low-profile outriggers give you better maneuverability by being able to bring the load over them thus reducing the overhang
  • Self-leveling system and anti-twist system
  • Work safely with the auxiliary winches (option)

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  • Capacity: 65 Tons
  • Tandem or Tri-axle body
  • Composite side panels
  • Safe lifting capacity: 50 Tons(25% security factor)
  • Hydraulic front & rear low profile outriggers
  • Dual controls
  • Minimum CA for tandem and tri-axle body: 246" (from cab to center of rearmost axle)
  • 40" tunnel tool box
  • Proportional joysticks and remote control
  • Sandblast + epoxy primer
  • Federal standard #108 light group
  • LED Lights
  • Lights in standard tool boxes and tunnel tool box
  • Pannic button
  • Wisely positionned electrical rockers switches for (increased) user’s convenience
  • 7 marker lights per side
  • Curb light on each side
  • Door checks
  • Mud flaps
  • Chain rack
  • Fork holders
  • Air & Electrical hookups
  • Hydraulic pressure gauges
  • Direct mount hydraulic pump
  • Working hydraulic pressure: 3300-3500 PSI
  • Electronic anti-twist device
  • Electronic Self-levelling
  • Recovery anchors on rear outrigger
  • Side Pulling anchors on front and rear outriggers
  • Forward compartments
  • Compartments over the wheel wells
  • Control station lighting
  • Tailboard mounted D-rings
  • Easy access outrigger pads compartments
  • Notched tailboard allowing for increased tilting angle
  • Boom angle indicator