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Slider 20 Ton

Slider 20 Ton

NRC slider equipment presents a considerable advantage for operators in their everyday work. It truly enables operators to double the equipment’s capacity, increase the reach and work safely by keeping the load at a secure distance. You have certainly seen operators who are forced to boom in and boom down to move their load.  Well, there is no need to do that with these sliders.  You save time and money by being able to move your load back and forth without having to change the hook height.


  • Double your lifting capacity
  • Increase your reach by 58"
  • Provides you incredible strength
  • Maintain the load at a safe distance from yourself and your equipment

  • 20 Ton hydraulic wrecker
  • 58" sliding boom ; Locks on sliding system
  • Dual 20,000lbs hydraulic winches
  • 9/16" x 200` steel cable on each drum
  • Air clutch release on winches
  • Cable tensioners
  • Direct mounted tandem hydraulic pump
  • Single 5-1/2" bore x 36-3/8" cylinder for power boom elevation
  • Lock & safety valve on elevation cylinder
  • Two stage power boom extension
  • Directionnal boom sheave
  • Nylon slide on boom
  • Dual independant hydraulic rear jack legs
  • Removable spades for jack legs
  • Lubrication fittings on all moving parts
  • Dual control on top of deck
  • Lights in levers control
  • Heavy duty body 96" wide ; Hi-tensile steel used for structural parts
  • Two tool boxes (15 CuFt) ; Door check & hold back
  • 110" C.A. (from cab to center of rearmost axle)
  • Sandblast & Epoxy primer paint & Undercoating underneath the body
  • Monocoque body
  • Rear mounted recovery anchors
  • Federal standard #108 light group ; Mud flaps
  • Electric plug & Air plug