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Sliding rotator 60/80 SR - Heavy Incident Manager

Sliding rotator 60/80 SR - Heavy Incident Manager

Full-blown power! The 60/80 is the most powerful Heavy Duty in the industry. With a boom tested at 160,000lbs, a double outrigger spread of  229"x 269" that is the widest in the industry and exceptional quality of construction, this powerful monster can lift over 160,000lbs with unbelievable ease. You truly can do whatever you want to with the load, moving it from one side to the other.  You can realize your full capacity and carry out your work with this high-powered ally.


  • Incredible reach
  • Incredible power
  • Self-leveling system and anti-twist system
  • Computer controlled hydraulic system
  • Full proportional remote control with LCD screen
  • Best outrigger spread in the industry
  • Best Boom working area in the industry
  • Best Boom working height in the industry
  • Best Boom lift ratings in the industry
  • Best Boom range of elevation in the industry
  • 360 degrees of continuous boom rotation with computerised safety device that protects the cab from interfering with the boom
  • Sliding system
  • Work safely with the auxiliary winches (option)

  • 80 Ton hydraulic wrecker
  • 60 Ton Safe lifting capacity (25% security factor)
  • 145" sliding boom ; Locks on sliding system
  • Dual 50,000lbs planetary two speed winches
  • 7/8" x 200` steel cable on each drum
  • Air clutch release on winches + cable tensionners
  • Anti-twist device ; Self levelling
  • Computer controlled hydraulic system ; wireless proportionnal remote control
  • Visual alarm to prevent roll-over
  • Dual 8" bore cylinders for power boom elevation
  • Lock & Safety valve on elevation and extension cylinders
  • "V" shaped Two stage power boom extension
  • Directionnal boom sheave ; Nylon slide on boom
  • Dual independant front & rear outriggers with 54" extension each
  • Double outrigger spread od 229" x 269"
  • Boom basic structural rating  retracted : 160,000lbs
  • Boom basic structural rating extended : 50,000lbs
  • Reach past tailgate : 485"
  • Maximum Boom working  height to hook : 664"
  • 360 degrees of continuous boom rotation
  • Lock & safety valve on each cylinder of hydraulic jack legs
  • Lubrication fittings on all moving parts
  • Lights in levers control  & tool boxes
  • Heavy duty body 100" wide ; Hi-tensile steel used for structural parts
  • Sandblast & Epoxy primer paint & Undercoating underneath the body
  • Monocoque body ; Dual control
  • Rear mounted recovery anchors ; recovery anchors on rear outriggers
  • Recovery anchors on each outrigger for side-pulling
  • Federal standard #108 light group ; Mud flaps
  • Electric plug & Air plug